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The factory is situated in the heart of the Automotive Industrial Area with BMW S.A. and Nissan S.A. (Renault / Fiat / Nissan) merely a few kilometers away. Ford Motor Corporation (Ford,
Mazda, and Volvo) are approximately 30km away.

The company owns it own purpose built factory and the size of the property is approximately 5000m².


Vacuform is a privately owned company that was established in 1974 by Hans Combe and Eberhard  rammel. They owned and ran the company for 27 years until March 2000.
The company originally concentrated on packaging and display items. Soon the emphasis changed to the otor industry and in 1984 the company was relocated to it’s own purpose built factory in Rosslyn, Pretoria.

The new millennium saw the purchase of the business by two new partners, Molefe Mokgatle and Anthony Taylor. The transaction required the creation of a new entity –Vacuform 2000 (Pty) Ltd – which is owned equally by the partners.


Since Molefe Mokgatle and Anthony Taylor took over the business, the number of workers increased from 35 to over 160 (2018).

Also for the future we want to expand our business concentrating on our main fields: vacuum-forming and blow-moulding.

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This is our philosophie.

Our Code of ethics


Our Values


Forces at work


Vacuform Team

This is our Vacuform family!

We have two plants aorund Preotia. Our head office and plant is in Rosslyn, the other one is in the incubation center of Ford.


We have different devisions in our Vacuform family.

Vacuformers: Team spezialized on the work to produce vacuumformed products

Blowmoudlers: This team is spezialized on the work of blow moulded plastic parts.

IC-Cooperation: We are producing the back parts of buggies of Ford.

Blow Moulded Products

The blow moulded components include:

  • Cockpit ducts,
  • centre console ducts,
  • floor console ducts,
  • window washer and
  • radiator overflow/expansion bottles.

Vacuum-Formed Products

The vacuum-formed products include:

  • Door insulators,
  • load bin liners,
  • wheel arch flares,
  • inner fender liners,
  • shrouds, consoles,
  • under covers,
  • interior cab components,
  • parcel shelves and
  • body assembly protectors.

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We are proud to work together with FORD, BMW (Bayerische-Motoren-Werke), VW (Volkswagen), Mercedes-Benz, NISSAN and other customers.

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    The time to produce a plastic part is dependent of the composition of raw material, size of the mould, and temperature needed to get the plastic viscous. Time range is from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

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    To get a Vacuum-formed product, viscuss plastic will be given in a negative mould. Then you let it slowly cool down and open the mould. Then you have a hollow, hard plastic product with the wanted shape.

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